Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New design project

Well, here's a new design project I've been working on. I'd like my readers out there to participate. If you have a preference over any of these designs, let me know! Add a comment and lets get this poll going!

This is a project for a Wellness Center that is promoting healthy and natural weight loss.

Adorable Stamps!

Hey guys! After reading one of my favorite blogs, BudgetSavvyBride and falling in LOVE with the cute stamps she blogged about, I bit the bullet and bought myself one for my new home! The one I chose is here. I can't wait until I get it in and can use it! I'm such a stamp freak :-P

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Bridal Items!

Newly added to the shop....
Know that special person who needs handmade items for her shower, luncheon, or party? These are your items!!!

You may personalize your wording and ribbon color that will match the name color, and your background paper pattern. Just specify two colors that you would like as your theme and I will do the rest! Ivory envelopes are included with your order. Size of invite measures 5 3/4 X 4 1/2 inches. Such a creative and unique way to share your special day!

Also, matching place cards are available. See picture below.
These place cards are perfect for your shower, luncheon or party. Please specify two colors you would like and I will take care of the rest! These place cards coordinate with the bridal shower/luncheon invitations. Each place card includes a first name, patterned backing card, and a ribbon with brad or small flower. These are fully customizable. If you would like a specific listing for a different amount, don't hesitate to contact me!

Guys, these possibilities are endless. Make sure to contact me on specific pricing, or check out the listing www.imagetoimpact.net and click on start shopping!

Monday, February 16, 2009

FINALLY!!!!... Engagement RING PICS!!!

Alright guys, I'm sorry to let you down for such a long time, but finally, here they are. Here's some pics I promised of my engagement ring, just so you can get a better look at what it looks like and the FANTASTIC job that he did. Feel free to comment!

Also... if you see orange roses... that was part of the awesome surprise I received for Valentines day! (all 24 of them!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So I'm sure some of you readers don't know a ton about me, and some of you may, but here's 25 random things you may or may not know about me. I thought it was a little more interesting here than on Facebook. Please feel free to respond! :)

1. I am a coffee junkie. It always, no matter what, puts me in a good or better mood. So now you know what to get me on the next holiday...?

2. My dad once pulled my arm out of its socket while swinging me around as a little girl. Maybe that's why I never got the correct growth spurts as a little girl.

3. I absolutely despise roaches. They are greasy and they crunch when you kill them!

4. I secretly want to be an interior designer one day. And a fashion designer. I guess the "graphic designer" that I am just inspires me to design other things. Maybe one day.

5. I absolutely love hands-on projects. I can't seem to separate my hobbies from my profession. Hmm.

6. I have this strange new obsession with melon and cottage cheese. Its my new favorite breakfast food.

7. I can eat a dessert and/or chocolate every meal of the day. You can never get enough sweets.

8. I have this strange obsession I guess you'd say with keeping things people give me. If a shirt doesn't fit anymore and somebody special gave it to me, I can't part with it. I'm weird I guess.

9. My new obsession right now is my gocco. I think its one of the greatest things that the Japanese made and I can't wait to be a master at it. (For those who don't know, its a mini CMYK printer that is FABULOUS!)

10. I am absolutely and completely excited about being a wife. (Only 4 months from Friday!) I love to cook, sometimes cleaning makes me happy (haha) and decorate. I love to try new recipes, whether I nail them or not.

11. I'm really girly. I love painting my nails, getting them done, buying makeup, buying clothes and bags that make me girly. I love girl time and I value that over a lot of things. I love to go to lunch and sip on some good wine.

12. I am trying to learn about wine. I still haven't crossed over into the red wine field, but I'm trying. I think there is something classic about a red wine drinker. I've been to two tastings and plan to attend many more. (With the ladies, of course. The FH (Future Husband) doesn't like wine, but will try it.

13. I am an obsessive blog reader. I have 97 subscriptions and I spend hours of my time reading. Believe it or not, READING. I don't read books, I read blogs.

14. I love school. I love learning and I miss being in school. I wish that I was still in school, the challenge always keeps me going.

15. I tried the most adventurous thing on Sunday, Oysters Redneckafeller. NOT to be confused with oysters rockefeller. This is the same, but add collard greens, bacon, black-eyed peas, hollandaise, and hot sauce. It tasted like chicken.

16. I don't eat processed meat. This includes sausage, hotdogs, deli meat unless its freshly cut, or anything of the like.

17. I used to play the flute and piccolo. I secretly wish I still played it so I could make some money in weddings. Now I photograph weddings, who would have thought.

18. I adore my little sister and think she's the coolest thing on earth. To add to that, I have the most unique and smartest brother, he'd do anything to help anybody out. My parents, are the most loving and giving set of people I could ever ask for. I talk to them everyday. My family is one of the best families I could have ever gotten.

19. I backed into my cousin's car one time in high-school. It was right behind me and I just took off w/o looking. He was standing on the front porch of my parents house watching me.

20. I think my favorite color depends on the season. I've always been one to LOVE color, just in general, and my work shows that. I always go for the brightest, boldest colors. My mom and grandma always used to say they knew I'd be an artist.

21. I am a APPLE lover. I will never, ever, (mark my word) go back to PCs. Ever.

22. I secretly love reality tv. I like it because it doesn't make me think. When I watch tv, I want to chill, not have to think. The only exception to that statement is every once in a while, I'll watch How Its Made. That's my dad coming out in me.

23. I think I have a chronic nightmare condition. Seriously. I have nightmares or night terrors whatever they are at least 2 or three times a week. Maybe I should get checked out. And my restless leg.

24. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I was told I've truly matured because I don't worry about what I'm getting, I just love to give.

25. When I was little I used to have the entire collection of Cabbage Patch Kids books. Oh, and a doll. I think her birthday was the same as my brother and aunts. Anyways, the books, used to haunt me. Seriously. I was scared to death of those things!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I want I want I want

So, guys. I'm an etsy freak as you may know. And, I found a little gift I'd love to have. Too bad I can't put it on my Registry... see below. Its inexpensive as well! I might just have to get it for me and my honey's new house!

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