Tuesday, November 2, 2010

:: lots of fun news!

there's a lot going on over at the image to impact studio. lots of freelance projects {my list has never been so long} however, i'm happily checking things off one by one, that's all we can do, right?

{first off}
lots of fun projects happening. i'm working on completing a new series of handmade stationery, to be distributed throughout several boutiques/coffee shops in greenville, spartanburg, and prosperity, south carolina for a start. i'm carefully creating these for the card collector, artist, or just someone who loves stationery. i'll be revealing a custom line for personalized stationery as well.

as well as the stationery, fall portraits are well in session. [editing those are quite high on my list]

image to impact has recently been added to The Inspired List. You can view their website here, or Image to Impact's personal site here. soon, we'll be adding a section to website for the wedding stationery line to The Inspired List.

have a fantastic new announcement to make on the next blogpost, stay tuned!

{for now}
i'll leave you with a great looking recipe i will be trying this weekend! don't they look yummy?
it's here.
image from here

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