Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Just wanted to leave you with a gorgeous fall day photo from my back yard, and a few things I love about this season!

-Pumpkin (anything and everything)
specifically cheesecake, bread, muffins, pies
-Apples - same as before
-The crisp air & breeze
-Pumpkin patches
-THANKSGIVING, my favorite holiday
-Boots, sweaters and scarves
-Cracking' fireplace
-Prep for the Christmas season
-The color Orange (mainly because of Clemson) but just in general
-It's God's GREATEST GIFT to NATURE... In my opinion!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 4 months, sweetheart!

Well, today is a happy day for us two over here... We've been married already for 4 months! Time just flies by I'm telling you. But its great and I have certainly enjoyed it so far! So, you must know my two loves: my husband and graphic design (and photography but we'll have to get to that later.) So, if you put these two together, with a [4 month] anniversary, you get a MINIVERSARY! Thanks to my grandmother and many other close family members who made significant contributions to our china, we have beautiful china just sitting and needing use! So, if you can imagine, this china, [Elegant Swirl by Nikko]

So anyways back to the other love: graphic design. I thought what better of a way to design a menu for my husband on our miniversary! This is what I came up [and yes, this is our meal for tonight] I found the recipe via Real Simple, and I've been excited about it for over a week. They are some of his favorite foods and I think he'll be very excited. So, let me let you imagine... a nice menu on our black table, black formal placemats with matching Elegant Swirl china, matching iced beverage glasses, and candles. Sounds exciting huh? I'm excited, but I do get a little overexcited sometimes. Here's our menu:

So, back to my third love; photography. There's a sad story for Mr. Canon who is no longer with us. He just happened to get water/moisture damage while in a WATERPROOF bag on the Chattooga River canoeing experience. He's since had to be retired, but thankfully, I have a 20D Canon on the way! I couldn't be more excited about having a camera back in my hands, however it will take some getting used to. So, needless to say you get the idea of the night, just not the pictures. And again, I apologize for the lack of post regarding to photography. I literally just can't do it!

Much love, and get excited about some new fall photos when my new camera is back in my hands!
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