Friday, March 13, 2009

Where have I been?

Hey guys, I know its been forever since my last post. A week and a day to be exact. Anyways, let me just update on you on my whereabouts.

Friday - long day of packing, organizing and some crazy working out.
Saturday - even longer day of moving lots of stuff and setting up a new office, trying to get my laptop to work.

Monday - working on the laptop. Problems: Charger seems to fail... what can I say, its a 6 year old iBook and its still kickin. I'm very thankful! Got a few wedding invitation samples completed, discussed with customers. Lots of research.

Tuesday - faught with laptop all day. Decided to go with an old desktop temporaily... and its a PC. Yes, I said that right. Its pretty unfortunate but what I have to do. Its about the only way I can work remotely.

Wednesday - More tax work, hoping to finish it today. Researching and aquiring quotes for invitations.

Thursday - Bought lots of supplies for invites (hence the gazillion I have to produce in the next few weeks.) and a few things for the wedding :)

Friday - here we are today. Plans for today? Work on and complete tax stuff. Lots of organization. Wish me luck :)

Plans for next week?
1) Get LOTS of invitations done and in the mail.
2) More samples up on etsy - make sure you check it out by clicking on the links to the right of these posts!
3) Work on several custom orders... and ones that will be placed.
4) Get ready for a bridal shoot on Sunday.
5) I'm sure there's tons more on the agenda, my brain just can't focus on it right now!

As for now, have a fantastic weekend and look forward to new items in the shop!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New gift tags in the shop!

Finally! An adorable item that adds the perfect touch to your gift - a personalized gift tag with the recipient's first initial! Tied with twine, these add such color and glam to your gift! Special requests are always welcome! If you don't see your letter let me know, I'll be happy to make one make you a special listing!

Look at and purchase them here!


An awesome quote to start my day provided by my awesome mom:

You didn't exit the womb with your intended career tattooed on your chest. No printout of innate skills accompanied your birth. But as life progressed, you began noticing your gifts. Skills, revealed, Knacks, uncovered. God gave those.

Oh, so true!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thundersnow... in South Carolina!

Well, guys, its time to share some pics of this crazy snow storm we had across the southeast. It made our 2.5 hr trip from Atlanta become 8 hrs, caused tons of accidents, tore down plenty of trees, (see photos below) but overall made me really happy. I love the snow and how it just beautifies the earth.

These photos below are of the neighboorhood -

And the crazy and dangerous Woodruff road... halfway through the day (you'd think it'd be better that this...)

And lastly... photos E and I took of the house... check out the mailbox. We got at least 6 inches! :) Too bad we didn't get any pics of the little kids we went sliding with! The driveway pic is where E tore it up trying to get in and got stuck :)

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