Monday, March 28, 2011

hiatus, no?

no, no hiatus.
just catchup. yes, that's what i've been doing and playing for the past month of no blogging.

wow, and just to get back to the surface seems quite peaceful and lets me breathe!

a few things about me that you might need to know at this point :
  1. i'm an all or nothin' kinda girl. i devote all my time and energy into one thing, and then i get burnt out. yes, it happens. i try not to get there, but it happens, which results in mini-hiatuses. if that's a word. so, here i am, ready to roll again with new fresh ideas.
  2. i've found a love for hot yoga and circuit training. its amazing to me how you can walk into a place like these, exhuasted, burnt out, tired, frustrated, etc, and walk out a new person. wow. if you are searching for something you don't know what it is, a new you perhaps, try one of these. its amazing how much energy you have and hopefully it will contribute to sleeping better. which is another reason for burn out. and yes. that's me. sleep deprived. not because of stress, its because its me, working on that :)
  3. i'm working on a few new things for my business. what do these include?
  • birth and wedding annoucements, personal stationery, downloadables
  • my new website, including new blog, tba
  • a totally integrated customer ordering system within my new website

With all this, my lovlies, be patient, there are good and great things coming. With my crazy schedule, it just doesn't happen in my time :)

So, with that being said, I'm offering the first 3 people who email me for photography services - portrait, engagement, bridal, or family, 20% off their first booking. Mention ALLIN.
Feel free to pass this info along!

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