Thursday, March 31, 2011

my blogroll.

so a few of you guys have asked which blogs i read. wow. where do i start?

here's a short laundry list below. but first, i must say, that i go through phases. it depends on my mood, the inspiration i want/need, and if i just want to look at pretty pictures :)

so, here we go:

jasmine star photography great design, layout, inspiration, and fantastic person.
sarah rhoads photography quirky. love her & her husband-wife team.
by shea photography met her for a weekend in atlanta, love her style and inspiration.
from me to you awesome photo blog. cool stuff.

cup of joe fun giveaways, fun gifts, city life
making things happen sometimes i need a challenge, and lara does it here. must read.

oh hello friend funky designer (reminds me of myself) great photography and inspriation
invitation blog great inspiration.

interior design
blue moss seen in a booth once. love the funky eclectic styling

my blog styles change i think weekly, but this is what i'm reading now. i really don't know what i'd do without blogs. sometimes they are my outlet to the reality of my world. does anybody else feel like this? its like you can read and get deep into people and realize your problems just aren't so big, or maybe you can get inspired, have more fun with something, or get great ideas.

any suggestions of new blogs?

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